Gord Simmonds and the Belleville Bulls

Gord Simmonds Bulls LogoTHE RUNNING OF THE BULLS

Some things never change and my passion for sports remains.  In 2004, I became involved in the hockey business when, along with two friends as partners, acquired an Ontario Hockey League (OHL) hockey team called the Belleville Bulls which operates down in the Quinte Region of Eastern Ontario.   What an exciting adventure to follow this awesome brand of hockey through the years!  We look forward to game nights when we can get to the games and cheer on the Bulls!

You can follow this exciting sports team at BellevilleBulls.com and if you are interested in my more personalized view of the Bulls, I have blogged a little last season, and you could check that out at Gord Simmonds Belleville Bulls blog .  I’ll try to do a little blogging there throughout the upcoming season as well.

As part of my Bulls experience, I am a member of the Board of Governors for the Ontario Hockey League which is widely considered as the top development hockey league in the world.

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