Gord Simmonds’ Career at Lenbrook

The career journey that brought me to a place of leadership within the The Lenbrook Group of Companies began at age 18.

David S Simmonds

David S. Simmonds

I started into the “family” electronics distribution business right out of high school, so no university degree for me but I did get to work in just about every department in the company (well, maybe not the finance department!). I have now had a 34 year career with the company and have met amazing friends all around the world as part of my job.  We have tried lots of things in our business with a mix of both success and failure. That comes with the territory when you’re involved in “start ups’ and in the cycle of the economy over that period of time.

In 2000 I assumed the leadership role of Lenbrook.  This is the company my dad (the late David S. Simmonds) began in 1978

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